The CyRIC Philosophy: Supporting Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

4 Oct 2017 | News

At CyRIC, what fuels our team is our dedication to quality research and innovation, as well as to providing support to entrepreneurs. Since 2013, we have been working with passion and tirelessly, towards becoming an experienced Centre of excellence in the development of disruptive products for international markets and in providing unique and specialised services to the industry.

Our successful participation in numerous National and European Research and Development Projects, gave our team considerable expertise in applied research and deep technical solutions. In 2016, CyRIC was selected as a national champion in the Innovation Category for the European Business Awards 2015 / 2016. Though this experience, we had the opportunity to showcase our work, but most importantly it gave us an even bigger motivation to further commit in bettering and developing our services and support.

Our main services were created based on careful consideration and detailed planning, to better service the industry and tackle their challenges.  These include, Research & Innovation services such as Idea Conceptualization, Prototyping, Patenting and Product Design / Development for software and hardware products, Entrepreneurial Support  focusing on Business / Technical Support and Communication / Pitching and, lastly, Consulting on Funding and Investment Opportunities.

CyRIC as the Cyprus Business Innovation Centre (EU|BIC) certified by EBN

Our continuous work with local startups as well as our innovation services to local and European SMEs, provided the necessary expertise and knowledge to become the Cyprus EU Business Innovation Center (EU|BIC), officially certified by the European Business Network (EBN). This accreditation has been one of the major goals set by our organisation as it is the only international and officially-recognized standard of innovation-based incubation.

This certification marked the beginning of an era of an even bigger specialisation which  enables us to further drive innovation and nurture the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cyprus and overseas. It paved the way for the establishment of  Gravity Ventures Incubator owned by CyRIC, which aims at providing resources and services to entrepreneurs and start-ups to innovate, internally and externally. This step reinforces the role of the Center in supporting Entrepreneurship.

The CyRIC Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around three words: research, innovation and entrepreneurship, with a focus of providing excellent services and support in those fields.

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