Communication and Pitching

Pitching is an art, and we help you cultivate it. You need to be able to communicate your story, your journey, your startup in general in a way that transmits your passion and knowledge to your audience who might be your next customer or investor. Even if you have an amazing product or a service you need to somehow “touch” your audience and interact with them, they need to feel confident and believe in your proposition as much as you do. What you say and how you say it, is important, and we can help you improve. We provide you mentoring and guidance through a structured program and a team of experienced entrepreneurs towards optimizing your communication and pitching skills.

Business Support

An idea never solely transforms into a business neither generates revenue and profit on its own. This is the point where our team works with you towards identifying the components, the functions and the processes of your business towards generating revenue and profit. Here is where numbers are put on paper and the financial viability of your business is tested. Our methodology incorporates the principles of creative design and business model canvas along with implementing financial analysis with multiple scenarios which will enable you understand how to develop a healthy, sustainable and organic growing business.

Innovation Support

The value of an innovative idea or even a patent is limited until you act on it. We help inventors become innovators by providing them Innovation Support customized to their needs. We help you validate your idea technically and identify the real innovative features that will make it stand out and create value. An interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists works with you to analyse your idea, provide conceptual designs and evaluate alternative solutions , aiming to enhance and enrich the innovation potential. This work is done in parallel with the IPR services team when needed.

Technical Support

Your idea needs to transform to an actual product that works properly and looks good. Here we design and develop all the building blocks of your product having in mind always aesthetics, design functionality and user experience. Gravity team shares extensive experience in product design and development build through the years by providing product design and prototyping services to SMEs and esteem organizations all over Europe and Cyprus. We’ve also established a small Fab-Lab within our premises where you can gain access in high quality technical equipment in machinery, electrical and electronics as well as 3D printers in order to help you create and optimize your prototypes.