Research & Innovation

Product Design and Prototyping

Cyric’s department of Engineering Design & Prototyping is specialized in developing innovative prototypes and technology through a blend of design creativity and engineering excellence. With a highly experienced product design team, who understand materials and manufacturing, we carefully manage the entire development process to deliver TRL6-7 products and equipment for our client companies. Using a highly structured process to manage our projects we ensure our work is delivered on time and to budget so long term relationships with the companies we serve.
We deliver a high quality, cost effective service of a diverse spectrum of engineering assignments, at a high level of competence and sophistication. Our service is available at all stages of a project including concept studies, modelling, simulation, final design and manufacturing. The entire process of engineering planning and design requires not only imagination and conceptual thinking but also sound knowledge of practical aspects, such as the latest design codes and by-laws, backed up by ample experience, intuition and judgment.
Utilizing our own highly effective development process, created through real life, hands on, practical design experience we ensure the products developed are both user focused and market led. This process is robust, with a stage gate approach, to ensure the designs generated are thoroughly engineered ensuring the design specification and your order requirements are always met.

Idea Conceptualization

The part of ideation is a crucial part in the development process of any product or business. It is when you break down your ideas in pieces, analyze them, argue in favor or against them and decide whether you shall proceed them to the next stage or drop them out. Most of us love the first idea that comes in our mind and we start investing in it money and time until we hardly realize that it did not worth it.
Out team works closely with you investigating in detail all the aspects of your idea. We consider market trends, competition, Intellectual Property Rights, market prospects etc. and conclude to whether your idea worth’s investing in it further or not.

Research and Development

Whether it is a completely new process/product/service that needs to be designed or an existing process/product/service that needs to be improved and optimized, CyRIC is the right partner. We offer R&D services directly to the industry or through European and Nationally funded projects, in the fields of mechanical engineering, prototyping, electrical and electronics engineering, embedded systems, mechatronics, robotics, software design and development. We have been involved in more than 35 European and National R&D Projects and completed numerous assignments from the industry and the local start-up community.