INSOFEET – Cutting-edge insoles with advanced characteristics for medical and sports applications


The envisaged product is a completely non-intrusive insole for accurately measuring key gait dynamics’ parameters and Energy Expenditure


Our goal, through insofeet project, is to develop a profitable and scalable business based on insofeet insole. insofeet is a completely non-intrusive insole for measuring accurately key gait dynamics’ parameters and EE. insofeet technology delivers a novel, accurate and relatively low-cost insole that empowers professional users to effectively analyse gait parameters and Energy Expenditure (EE). The insofeet insoles are capable of fitting in different shoe types. The insofeet insole integrates highly accurate miniature force sensors in a customisable design, adaptable to the application. Sensor measurements are collected in real-time, processed through validated algorithms and presented through a friendly interface. What differentiates insofeet from the competition is its unparalleled accuracy, comparable to hi-end professional solutions at a price 15 times lower. 

CyRIC is the only partner in this SME Instrument project. All activities are undertaken by the company.