GRIDIRON – Intelligent automated testing of electronic devices for Covid 19 detection

7 Jun 2023 | Announcements

DIH² believes in the power of #robotics to transform the agility of #manufacturing#SMEs and to drive economic growth throughout Europe. Our role is to facilitate the connections that enable agile production in factories, where speed and versatility are essential to satisfy customer demand. To deliver against our belief, we have funded 26 Transfer Technology Experiments (TTEs) in SMEs over a wide range of industry sectors in multiple countries and our Local Evangelists in Robotics (LERs) have been the key to making this happen. A comment from Varnis Charalambous, LER at CyRIC | Cyprus Research & Innovation Center Ltd which supported the project all the way: “Embio Diagnostics Ltd is a rapidly growing #biotech company. For them, every minute counts when processing DNA samples in the laboratory – it’s a complex and time-consuming manual process that can take 4 hours to complete. For the GRIDIRON project, we brought together The AIR Institute and FIW Consulting to develop a solution that deployed a liquid-handling robot. As a result, key parts of the process have been automated and this has successfully reduced sampling errors and increased efficiency and precision.”