COBITT – Robotization of manufacturing processes for a revolutionary skateboard deck

4 May 2023 | Announcements, News

DIH² believes in the power of #robotics to transform the agility of #manufacturing #SMEs and to drive economic growth throughout Europe. Our role is to facilitate the connections that enable agile production in factories, where speed and versatility are essential to satisfy customer demand. To deliver against our belief, we have funded 26 Transfer Technology Experiments (TTEs) in SMEs over a wide range of industry sectors in multiple countries and our Local Evangelists in Robotics (LERs) have been the key to making this happen.

Capsule Skateboards produces one of the most durable and sustainable skateboards available in the global marketplace. For Capsule, the challenge was how to move from a manual production process to an automated one, decrease production costs, and deliver a consistent high-quality end-product. Varnis Charalambous, LER at CyRIC (Cyprus Research and Innovation Centre) explains how the COBITT solution addressed this challenge. “COBITT brought together two technology providers – the Mobile Devices Laboratory of Frederick University of Cyprus that brought the software components and the UCY Robotics Lab of the University of Cyprus who provided the hardware. Together they created a solution that uses a 3-axis laser cutter, a mobile robot and a 5-axis CNC Router that not only delivered fully against Capsule’s requirements but is a product that can deliver flexible implementation in the wider manufacturing industry for multilayer composite and synthetic materials.”