Provide a Solution for Ypsonas Municipality Smart City Challenge and get a chance to win €30,000 grant and dedicated expert support towards implementing your idea and business

4 Jul 2018 | Announcements

Ipsonas, the 2nd largest industrialized Municipality of Cyprus is seeking for challenging solutions related to public transport, parking accessibility and waste collection. One proposal will be awarded with €30,000 grant and dedicated support from the programme partners towards implementing the idea and develop the business.

CyRIC, the certified Business Innovation Centre from the European BIC Network (EBN) is the Innovation Node in Cyprus for the Social Challenges Innovation Platform

Social Challenges Innovation Platform is a platform aiming at creating a marketplace where actual social challenges can meet powerful and innovative solutions.A space where the work among different players make the European Social Ecosystem vibrant and collaborative. Where a challenge is transformed into a new business opportunity.The Platform supports committed Public Authorities, Private Companies, Third Sector Organisations in defining, prioritizing social and environmental challenges, and uploading them onto the platform.

Challenge Details

The Municipality has drafted its major strategic planning and urban restructuring to address the key challenges, as presented in Integrated Urban Development Strategy towards 2021.
The Municipality has invested significant effort aiming to improve and enhance the engagement between citizens and transportation services For example, Ipsonas Municipality has attended smart city hackathons in order to seek for possible solutions providing real-time information about free parking spaces in major municipal parking lots, taxi availability, traffic monitoring, smart bus station placements and waste/recyclable bins monitoring for timely collection by waste collection vehicles.
Many information and awareness campaigns also were conducted to inform citizens about waste collection routes and time plans, including recycling. These efforts cover only a very small spectrum of the digital services and technological advancement that are required to transform the municipal area into a smart hub.

Solution providers are expected to employ state-of-the-art Smart City technologies. Such technologies should use low-power and low-cost sensors to provide real-time accurate information about the:
bus transportation and traffic services (e.g. bus timetables, smart bus station placements, taxi availability, traffic monitoring etc.) for enhancing traffic management parking availability and
fill-level in waste and recycling bins for timely collection and improvement of public health.
Sensor networks should be operated in license-free spectrum and should have minimum interference in the municipal landscape.
The use and enrichment of mobile applications and sensor networks integrated with an IoT platform, is strongly encouraged.

For more information for the challenge and to submit your application please visit Social Challenges Platform

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