Full-Scale Exercise for our Smart Insole Boots

9 Jun 2022 | Announcements, News

Team CyRIC, the research and innovation team behind the Smart Insole Boots, recently participated in “@INGENIOUS Full-Scale Exercise (FSX1) for the field validation of our patented Smart Insole Boots for First Responders.
The exercise took place near Paris in a specialised training centre, organised by @SAMU and involved emergency response to an earthquake disaster. Several First Responders across Europe participated in the exercise, including Fire Brigade, Police, Search and Rescue (SAR), Medical /Red Cross teams. We were more than thrilled to see that our tech reaches and serves regions and critical professions for such serious matters such as natural disasters.
Throughout the meeting and testing of the technology toolkit, it was exciting to see that our product was well-received and had a positive impact on the First Responders. We are proud to say that the Smart Boot Insoles were successfully validated during the exercise, demonstrating their potential to improve the safety and efficiency of First Responders in emergency situations.
It is important to remember that crisis and natural disasters have a way of bringing out the best in humanity. In the face of tragedy, we often see an outpouring of solidarity and a shared desire to help those who are suffering. But we also see an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and to improve our response time in future crises and to keep our first responders safe.
While it is heartening to see so much support for those affected by disaster, we must also be mindful of the fact that these situations can quickly overwhelm emergency responders.
By being prepared and having all the correct tools in an emergency, we can make a difference when it matters most. So, when someone has the technology on his/her side, the work becomes easier. That is what we are trying to achieve through our participation in INGENIOUS, a highly innovative R&D program funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.
We are overly excited about the potential of the Smart Insole Boots to make a real difference in the lives of First Responders and we are looking forward to continuing to work with our partners to further validate and refine the technology.
Only by working together can we hope to make a difference in the face of disaster. So, let’s continue to support one another and work towards a safer future for all.