CyRIC BIC & ESIL – Bridging the Gap between Investors & Startups v2

5 Nov 2018 | Announcements


The event is a part of the “Bridging the Gap between Investors & Startups” series co-organized and performed by the Early Investing Launchpad (ESIL) and the local leader CyRIC Cyprus Research & Innovation Center Ltd.

The scope of the event is to acknowledge startups that we are building a new community of investors that we need to get them in touch with. Expert speakers and trainers will guide startups on working on their value proposition and pitching and generally anything that they need to know and get prepared in order to pitch in front of an investor panel.

Startups will get familiarized with the investor pitching process and will get trained to develop proper pitch decks and get knowledge on how to deal and negotiate with investors.

We are really happy to have on-board as speakers and trainers :
(1) ESIL representative Mr. René Reijtenbagh, Founder Business Angels Connect, Vice President at Business Angels Europe (René Reijtenbagh Linkedin) and
(2) Mr. Peter Lazou ( a serial entrepreneur and experienced startup trainer

Mr. René Reijtenbagh will deliver a training session on “Prepare and find investors/financing and the process of closing the deal. The do’s and dont’s from a practical point of view”. Mr. Reijtenbagh will share his accumulated knowledge and experience from his involvement in the startup investing sector, guiding the participants towards getting prepared for an early stage investment.


Mr. René Reijtenbagh Past Experience

TSM Business School Innovation management, Postgraduate Radboud University Nijmegen Economic Geography, Master (drs) HAN University of Applied Sciences Geography and Biology, Bachelor CEO Business Angels Connect Senior Project manager, Development Agency East Netherlands Advisor to Ministry of Economic Affairs Gelderland Development Agency Foundation Economic Development Region Arnhem Nijmegen (ESKAN) Stec B.V. 1994 – 1996

As a Business Angel

Local Leader Netherlands Capacity Building Programm ESIL Horizon2020 Jury expert European Innovation council SME Instrument Vice-President Business Angels Europe Board member Dutch Federation of Business Angels Networks Founder of Angel Funding Germany Member of the Higher Level Advisory Board of Euroquity Network Board member European Business Angels Network (EBAN)

As a trainer

Frequently performing as guest speaker and chairman for congresses and workshops, both national and international. Some examples are: 4. Bio.NRW Business Angel Congress, Düsseldorf (2016); EBAN Convention, Eindhoven (2015); Bio Venture Forum, Hannover (2012); The EBAN Convention, Moskou (2012). Trainer for Pitching for Entrepreneurs and How to Prepare the Business Angels Investments process.


Mr. Peter Lazou will perform an interactive workshop on creating an appealing pitch deck. The pitch deck has to reflect your passion, your knowledge, the value of your business and its potential. It is the tool that will enable you to initiate an investment process.


The event is strictly for startups and founders that are mature and would like to get prepared for an Early Stage Investment. Startups attending the event/workshop that are closest to an early stage investment and are at the required Investment Readiness Level will be selected to pitch in front of investors in our program’s final event in January 2019.

Moreover, the selected startups will have the chance to work and get prepared for their pitching, with CyRIC’s and Gravity’s Incubator team.

We would like to request attending startups to send us

  • Pitchdeck (or a short description of the business idea and product)
  • Information about their team

at or in order to perform our pre-screening process.

For more information please call us at 22 282895.