Research & Development


Every project needs financial resources to be implemented. We identify the best funding opportunities for our customers either Private, National or European based on the product type, the business model and the customers’ expectations. Our target is ensuring maximum funding for the optimum business and product development.

Over the years, we have proven ourselves that we can deliver this service with top quality criteria and results. We have a tracking record of more than 35 R&D Projects worth over 40 million Euros. We currently actively participate in several EU and National projects both as Coordinators and RTD partners, building an impressive product portfolio and intellectual property on innovative technologies.

CyRIC has been ranked by the European Research Ranking as the No. 1 organization for Research in Cyprus for 2014, and we are proud to disclaim that we are the only private company that has achieved this in the whole of the European Union. CyRIC has also received an award by the European Business Awards as the National Champion in Innovation for the year 2015/16

Project Management

We have learned by doing, through an accumulated hands-on experience of more than 30 years of participating, managing and coordinating both operationally and technically more than 35 Research and Innovation projects, our team is able to provide crafted project management services for any Research and Innovation project.

Our team experience incorporated with a number of communication, organization and management technological tools ensure not only a smooth project operation but also a successful outcome.

Our project type coverage includes:

  • Product or service development projects
  • Research Projects
  • Innovation Projects

Proposal Preparation of European and National Research & Innovation Projects

From the first ideas to the commercialization of project results, CyRIC can support your research and technology developments. Proposal Preparation includes many different steps, such as planning the proposal, making sure all the partners respond in time and also includes contacts with the key officials.

We at CyRIC are specialists in setting up, getting funds, organizing and managing European and National Research & Innovation projects. We help businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs to design and develop their inventions and ideas and to materialize their ideas into tangible projects.

So if you have a great idea that you have been thinking about, if you want to commercialize your idea or you want to expand your project portfolio but you need advice and support we are the ideal partner to prepare your proposal roadmap.