HARESS – Advanced multi-UAV and intelligent launching-recovery system for enhancing the search and surveillance continuous operations
HARESS aims to bring a novel Multi-Agent system, that is highly versatile and scalable based on application needs, offers direct usability functions, and is cost‐effective. HARESS is characterized by:

  • Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) system for autonomous SSO
  • An intelligent Launching and Recovery (i-LR) platform appropriate for Unmanned
  • Surface Vehicles (USVs) and vessels, with advanced capabilities such as self-stabilizing, portability & fast deployment.

A central command and control center based on cloud platform infrastructure and machine learning algorithms for object detection, recognition and tracking.
HARESS has the sole ability to transform the conventional human-operated processes of Search and Surveillance Operations (SSOs) for civilian maritime (coastal and sea) applications into fully autonomous missions, opening new horizons for SSO with a wide range of features including i) mobility and flexibility ii) faster response time, iii) continuous operation, iv) reduced human risk, v) enhanced workforce, vi) lower operational costs. The consortium joins top players in engineering, robotics, unmanned systems, image and signal processing, communications, and cloud infrastructure, to implement and boost the innovation potentials of our technology.
Consortium: Coordinator CyRIC, Partners: SignalGeneriX, CYENS, Budget: 388k€, Duration: 24 months

  • Coordination of the project.

  • Development of the autonomous navigation of the multi-UAV system.
  • Development of Autonomous Take-Off and Landing (ATOL) algorithms in daytime and nighttime.
  • Development of the i-LR self-stabilizing, launching, and recovery platform.
  • Design of UAVs suitable for harsh weather conditions.